Environmental Training

The Green Business Centre is an IEMA Registered Training Centre with an excellent reputation. Whether you are looking to participate in a public course or to book in-house training, you can be assured of the high standard of teaching and delivery.

Our enthusiastic course leaders are experienced environmental practitioners with first-hand experience in environmental management across a wide range of business sectors. They have the ability to deliver the training outcomes through real life examples and using up-to-date industry knowledge and provide a variety of approaches to the training to address preferred learning styles.

We aim to deliver interactive and enjoyable courses that enhance the experience, applying the environmental training to practical business activities and providing delegates with the skills necessary to any environmentally focussed business.

IEMA Certified

We deliver the following IEMA Certified courses:

IEMA Certified courses have a prescribed specification developed by IEMA which we adhere to.


We deliver the following IEMA Approved courses:

Our IEMA Approved course has been developed by in alignment with the IEMA Skills Map.


In-house and bespoke courses

We offer bespoke courses developed by our experienced environmental practitioners, which can be tailored to your requirements:

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IEMA Certificates will be issued to all delegates whom successfully complete an IEMA certified or approved training course.

Bespoke courses will receive a Green Business Centre Certificate.

IEMA Certified Making the Transition to ISO14001: 2015 (UK)

The Making the Transition to ISO 14001: 2015 (UK) Course is for those responsible for implementing or maintaining their organisation’s ISO 14001 certified EMS or integrated management system. The course provides an explanation of the key requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 and gives an overview of the potential challenges delegates may face when implementing the new requirements…

IEMA Certified Lead Environmental Auditor (UK)

This Lead Environmental Auditor Course aims to develop participants auditing skills and understanding of environmental management system, environmental issues and EMS auditing processes and techniques. It assists individuals who want to become lead environmental auditors or those with a quality or health & safety background who wish to expand into environmental management. The course content is delivered in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015…

IEMA Certified Internal EMS Auditor (UK)

The Internal EMS Auditor Course is for individuals who are responsible for the auditing of an EMS against the ISO 14001, Green Dragon or BS8555 Standards and want to further their expertise in environmental management systems, gaining a better understanding of environmental issues and legislation. The Course provides guidance on environmental management systems and covers the principles of internal auditing, equipping delegates the knowledge to undertake an audit of an EMS…

IEMA Certified Auditing to ISO 14001:2015 (UK)

The revision to ISO 14001 provides an opportunity for organisations to enhance the way they improve environmental and sustainability performance and drive competitiveness, productivity, resilience and growth…

IEMA Approved Sustainable Procurement (UK)

The Sustainable Procurement Course enables those in both the public and private sectors to develop a greater understanding of the principals and processes of sustainable procurement and in particular how to integrate environmental considerations into the procurement process, providing practical advice on achieve this and the sustainability of products and services…

IEMA Approved Environmental Legislation (UK)

IEMA Approved Environmental Legislation is a course designed to equip delegates with a knowledge and understanding of the environmental legislative structure, current environmental legislation and how it is enforced...