Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR encapsulates environmental and social issues to ensure that organisations conduct their business in a way that is both ethical and sustainable.

CSR involves organisations looking beyond profit and financial gain, to become more responsible and sustainable, which should lead to them having a beneficial impact local and global communities and environments.

There is an increasing demand for organisations to be more open about their activities and greater consumer pressure on organisations that act irresponsibly and participate in unethical business practices. CSR is an important way of demonstrating consideration of social, economic and environmental impacts, and can lead to an increased competitive advantage, increase reputation and build consumer and stakeholder trust.

At the Green Business Centre, we can help you adopt a more strategic approach to CSR and can provide advice and support to assist you in tackle your CSR challenges, enabling you to become more sustainable.

Our CSR & Sustainability Services include:

  • CSR & Sustainability Assessments
  • Gap assessments against the requirements of ISO 26000
  • CSR & Sustainability Strategy and Policy development
  • CSR & Sustainability Reporting
  • Sustainable supply chain programmes
  • CSR & Sustainability Training.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)