Carbon Management

Climate change impacts all businesses, and with the introduction of mandatory carbon reporting and increasing market pressures on business to commit to carbon reduction targets, carbon measurement and management is quickly becoming a strategic/corporate priority for many organisations.

At the Green Business Centre, we work with a range of organisations to develop low carbon strategies and policies to manage and reduce carbon emissions. Whether you are an SME or a large multinational organisation, we can help develop your sustainability credentials and compete and prosper in a low-carbon economy.

Carbon Measuring and Reporting

Monitoring and reporting on your carbon impact establishes a baseline for the monitoring of future performance and can help raise awareness, identify reduction opportunities and maximise your low carbon credentials.

The Green Business Centre can help measure, analyse and report on your environmental and carbon impacts, and can advise on how to manage risks and identify reduction opportunities. 

Carbon Measuring and Reporting

Carbon Footprinting and Life-Cycle-Analysis

Carbon Footprinting
and Life-Cycle-Analysis

A carbon footprint assessment can help you identify and understand your carbon emissions and their sources. It is the first step for all organisations in the development of a carbon management programme and is compulsory for organisations obligated under UK Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting legislation.

The Green Business Centre has experience in producing carbon footprint assessments that impact positively on the environment and business. Our comprehensive carbon footprint assessments are undertaking in compliance with industry standards, including the WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and ISO 4064-1, and are tailored to meet the requirements of your organisation.

At the Green Business Centre, we can also undertake life-cycle-analysis of products or services that comply with ISO 14044 and PAS:2050.

Carbon Offsetting and Neutrality

Carbon offsetting allows organisations to compensate for their carbon emissions by investing in environmental programmes with an equivalent carbon saving, such as renewable energy generation and resource conservation projects. Some organisations offset their entire carbon footprint while others neutralise the impact of a specific activity.

The Green Business Centre can help identify offset projects that meet the requirements of PAS 2060 guidance on offsetting and carbon neutrality, and that best align with your CSR objectives.

Carbon Offsetting and Neutrality