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Green Dragon Environmental Standard

The Green Dragon Environmental Standard is awarded to organisations that can demonstrate effective environmental management and that are taking action to understand, monitor and control their impacts on the environment. It’s suitable for organisations of all sizes, in any industry, and is flexible in design, so you tailor it to your needs.


The Standard, which is structured into five ‘Levels’, allows organisations to gain a third-party certification that provides recognition of their environmental practices and demonstrates their commitments to sustainability, consideration of environmental impacts, compliance with legislation and environmental protection.

The 5 Levels of Green Dragon are:

  • Level 1: Commitment to Environmental Management
  • Level 2: Understanding Environmental Responsibilities
  • Level 3: Managing Environmental Impacts
  • Level 4:  Environmental Management Programme
  • Level 5: Continual Environmental Improvement.

Level 5 Green Dragon is equivalent to, and in fact requires a greater environmental commitment in respect to public reporting and carbon emissions than ISO14001 and EMAS.

As the Green Dragon Environmental Standard is owned and managed by Groundwork Wales, a UKAS Accredited Inspection Body, only Groundwork Wales approved auditors are permitted to provide certification against the Standard. As one of Groundworks Wales’ principal Green Dragon auditors, you can be confident of the impartiality of all audits undertaken by the Green Business Centre and the competence and performance capability of our auditors. 

Since its inception, over 1,000 organisations have achieved certification against the Green Dragon Standard. This is significantly more than any other phased EMS schemes operating in the UK.